We’re very excited to see some of our products have been nominated for the Windows IT Community Pro Awards as follows:

  1. Best Auditing & Compliance Product – GFI MailArchiver®
  2. Best Messaging Product – GFI MailEssentials®
  3. Best Patch Management Product – GFI LanGuard®
  4. Best Security Product – GFI LanGuard and GFI WebMonitor®

If you like our products, vote for them today!


How to vote: Visit the nominations page; here you will find the online voting form; vote for each of the products you’ve used and would recommend to others – it’s that simple!

Why your vote means so much to us: The Windows IT Community Pro Awards allow the tech community to determine what products deserve acclaim and recognition. As a company with the vision of being the recognized software leader for small to mid-sized businesses, being chosen for these awards means a lot to us!

Your vote matters!

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