Unisys UK proclaims UK users are apathetic about ID theft

To our neighbors (and erstwhile masters) across the pond, I’m happy to show you some examples of some UK people who got nabbed in the recently discovered ID theft ring.

I don’t know if Unisys overstated the problem, but here is what they found:

  • 11% of UK consumers have been the victims of identity theft and fraud
  • 58% have no desire to be educated about fraud
  • 61% have no concerns about the safety of bank or building society accounts
    (only 9% worry a lot compared to almost twice that for U.S. consumers)
  • 73% of consumers have never been contacted by their banks to discuss potential fraud
  • 50% would not switch banks or building societies if offered better security protection

Unisys thinks it’s costing businesses 1.3 billion pounds a year. 


Alex Eckelberry


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