Learn more about Remote Control, the latest service added to the GFI Cloud platform. Here’s what Elad Schreiber, the GFI Cloud product manager had to say. I caught up with Elad to find out more about Remote Control in GFI Cloud…

Q: What’s new in this latest version of GFI Cloud?

The big news about this new release is the launch of a fast, flexible and reliable remote control service.

The remote control functionality is based on an industry-leading solution – TeamViewer. No matter where the end-points are IT admins can now take control of any machine under their jurisdiction from GFI Cloud’s central interface, almost as if they were sitting in front of the remote computer.

Q: What specific problem was this designed to address?

It’s clear from our research that mobile working is on the rise. More people work from home, of course, but an increasing number also sit and work in cafes, hotels and trains. Keeping users operational with the technology they need, wherever and when they need it presents additional challenges for IT.

Q: Can you tell us a little about the thinking behind GFI’s Remote Control tool?

We’ve done a lot of development work to ensure the integration works quickly and effectively, allowing IT admins to do what they need to do and when, with minimal interruption to the users.

The fact that the remote control functionality integrates seamlessly with GFI Cloud’s existing control console puts everything in one place, and allows for far more proactive support. For example, if GFI Cloud’s monitoring service flags an issue, the IT team can instantly remote onto the machine and resolve it – even if the machine is unattended, with simple one-click access and no need for additional passwords.

Q: What other features are included?

The functionality includes all your remote control essentials. There’s remote restarts and no additional configuration required, even with firewalls in place. The solution also works effectively with multiple monitor setups, with each appearing in a separate window.

We’ve spoken to customers and put a lot of thought into how GFI Cloud’s remote control can help IT teams. It’s possible to record remote sessions to assist in training and documentation, and IT admins can control several machines at the same time in different tabs.

IT teams can even print remotely back to their own local printers, synchronize clipboards, and transfer files to and from the remote machines.

Q: How secure is it?

Very! Connections can use fully encrypted data channels with 2048-bit RSA key exchange and 256-bit AES session encoding without impacting performance or speed.

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