Hundreds of thousands worldwide rely on VIPRE Antivirus Business to protect their networks against malware. And just by switching to VIPRE, IT admins in healthcare, education, finance and other industries have made their jobs easier and their organizations safer with a security solution that:


  • Centralizes and simplifies management via a UI built for business users
  • Utilizes multiple detection technologies to find and remediate malware
  • Minimally impacts system performance with low resource usage.


So ask yourself this: “While you may be ‘comfortable’ with your current antivirus solution, is it truly the best fit for your security needs?” If you know it’s not, or if you aren’t sure, you need to attend the February 14 VIPRE webcast at 11 a.m. ET. In less than 30 minutes, VIPRE Sales Engineer Kyle Wallace will demo the product, VIPRE security experts will answer your questions and you’ll learn why this business antivirus is the right choice for your organization.


Top-rated VIPRE features and benefits include:


  • Automatic removal of incompatible software
  • Easy-to-use UI with centralized management
  • Low memory and CPU resource usage
  • Auto-configuration of the Windows Firewall
  • No additional training requirements
  • Tech support via chat, phone or email


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