The fax machine, multifunction device and fax server appliances all have one thing in common, they’re hardware.  They take up space, they are not always easy to upgrade, they are not easy to fix if they break, they are not always easy to increase in capacity and taking them for a test run before purchasing can be problematic (if at all possible).

So for those of us who need to fax, what are the alternatives?

Fax server software is one.  “But you still need to install on a server and use modems or fax boards”, you might say.  You’d be wrong.  With Fax over IP or Hybrid faxing, the necessity to install hardware and have your fax server on a physical machine is removed.  Now you can virtualize your fax server – and gain all the benefits from working in a virtual environment.  Maintaining, accessing, snapshotting, moving location, utilizing existing hardware, increasing capacity and recovery from disaster becomes so much easier.Learn more on the benefits of a virtual fax server over hardware appliances in our new whitepaper.Discover what Fax over IP involves and how your organization can benefit from it:

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