David Attard, Product Manager for GFI WebMonitor, talks about the latest release and what’s new in GFI WebMonitor 2012 R2.


Q: What’s special about the latest version of GFI WebMonitor?

A: In R2, we have made it easier for users to delegate access to the GFI WebMonitor User Interface using role-based access and, for example, each manager can be given access to their team’s data. It’s not enough to give them access but we also made sure that the data is relevant to them and their needs. The bandwidth consumption dashboard allows managers to identify any bandwidth issues, the web activity dashboard enables them to identify productivity issues, potential legal liability issues or other activity related problems, and the web security dashboard highlights security issues immediately so that remedial action can be taken.

Q: How does GFI WebMonitor address the social media issues in the workplace?

A: Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites have always been problematic for Management. They can be great time wasters, and yet blocking them completely may not be the right course of action. Employees may feel they are not trusted and it could be counterproductive. GFI WebMonitor now includes more granular social controls, so it is possible to block Apps and Games on Facebook and other social media sites without blocking the site itself. You can also block these sites completely, but allow employees access during their lunch break, or simply limit the amount of time spent on social media sites.

Q: Are there any other updates?

A: Yes. We have upgraded our web security protection by including our VIPRE® antivirus product alongside the other antivirus engines in GFI WebMonitor. Other improvements include a smaller memory footprint with better performance, a tool to allow synchronization of multiple WebMonitor sites and other performance improvements.


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