Jackie Wake, product marketing manager for GFI Cloud

Jackie Wake, product marketing manager for GFI Cloud

In GFI Clouds most significant release since its launch last year, a new service is added to this web-based platform – patch management. In this Q&A style interview, Jackie Wake, product marketing manager for GFI Cloud, tells us a bit more about this new service and how this strengthens the GFI Cloud platform.

Q: What does patch management add to the GFI Cloud platform?

As an IT administrator, GFI Cloud already offers you one place to easily manage your company’s IT, with antivirus, asset tracking, workstation and server monitoring, remote support and from today, patch management.

The addition of patch management to the platform enables you to free up more of your time from essential but repetitive tasks, which GFI Cloud can automate for you. From one central point of control, GFI Cloud can keep your company’s software and hardware running efficiently, while protecting your network, from viruses and malware.

Q: Tell me more about patch management in GFI Cloud?

Patch Management in GFI Cloud offers missing patch detection, download and install, for both Microsoft and third-party applications including Adobe Reader and Flash, Java, iTunes and many more. As soon as software updates are made available the whole deployment process can be automated, giving you peace of mind that your software is up-to-date, secure and running at peak performance on all your servers, PCs and laptops on the move.

Q: Why do I need it?

The daily challenge of keeping all your systems patched and up-to-date can appear insurmountable in the face of the unpredictable and overwhelming volume of updates each software vendor releases.  With each vendor having their own update mechanism, there can be too many systems for a resource-strapped IT admin to keep on top of; leaving the possibility of security vulnerabilities for malicious software to exploit or simply productivity losses crippling your business from slowed down systems.

GFI Cloud makes it simple to take control of all this complexity, while still saving your time.  With GFI Cloud you have one easy-to-use management console, to track and deploy software updates from many vendors, without any specialist knowledge of each vendor’s own systems.

Easily configured policies contain all the settings needed to co-ordinate your patch management activity, including when to install, and what to do after, such as post-reboot control; as well as which software patches can be automatically approved and which you would prefer to approve manually.

It’s even easy to apply these settings across groups of devices, all from one central location, while still offering override options on individual devices, for more granular control.  As new devices enter the network, either provisioned by the company or employees bringing in their own devices from home, they can quickly and easily be covered by your patch management policies; reducing the risk of attack from cybercriminals looking to exploit any weakness in your end-point defenses.

Q: Where can I check it out?

You can start a free 30 day trial of GFI Cloud today and take a look at how easy it is to keep all your software up-to-date, secure and running at peak efficiency; you will be up and running in minutes.


Want to learn more about this product? Visit our website to find out how easily you can manage your IT with antivirus, workstation and server monitoring, patch management, asset tracking and remote control in one unified platform!


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