Jackie Wake, Product Marketing Manager for GFI Cloud

Jackie Wake, Product Marketing Manager for
GFI Cloud

It’s barely a month since the last release of GFI Cloud and yet it is back with more. In this Q&A style interview, Jackie Wake, Product Marketing Manager for GFI Cloud, tells us more about the various changes in the latest version released today.

Q: Tell us about the latest release?

Following the launch of Patch Management, a new service from GFI Cloud, last month, today’s release sees more features and more value added across the platform.

Q: What are the highlights?

First and foremost, we are detecting more malware, even the hardest-to-detect, with GFI Cloud’s Antivirus now powered by VIPRE 6.2.  Recently winning the Virus Bulletin VB100 award this upgraded antivirus engine also offers significant performance and stability improvements, ensuring that GFI Cloud’s Antivirus remains light on system resources.

In addition to this, we are saving more bandwidth, with antivirus and patch updates downloaded only once and then distributed to other devices.  This is particularly useful to businesses with relatively low-bandwidth connections e.g. to remote offices.

Monitoring in GFI Cloud is also enhanced with the addition of a new check detecting and alerting on unexpected changes in disk space.  This enables more issues to be discovered on servers and workstations, before they get a chance to impact operations.

Q: Why do I need it?

GFI Cloud is continuing to improve and evolve to make it the one place for busy IT admins to easily manage their company’s IT.  If you are short on time, resources or even bandwidth, GFI Cloud gives you one place to easily monitor and protect your IT network, wherever you are.

From one central point of control, you always know what’s on your network and can catch issues early and fix them fast; at the same time you’re managing your security effectively, by both ensuring up-to-date antivirus and malware protection, as well as ensuring your software is updated with all the relevant security and performance patches.

Q: Where can I check it out?

You can start a free 30-day trial of GFI Cloud today and see for yourself how easy it is to manage and secure all your servers, workstations and laptops while you’re on the move.

Want to learn more about this product? Visit our website  to find out how easily you can manage your IT with antivirus, workstation and server monitoring, patch management, asset tracking and remote control in one unified platform!

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