Jackie Wake, Product Marketing Manager for GFI Cloud

Following the launch of GFI Cloud™ last year, it is worth taking another look at the various changes in the latest version. In this Q&A style interview, Jackie Wake, Product Marketing Manager for GFI Cloud, tells us a bit more about the product.

Q: What’s special about the latest version of GFI Cloud?

The latest version of GFI Could has a new UI and several feature enhancements that make managing and securing your network even simpler. So if you haven’t seen GFI Cloud for a while, now is the time to take another look.

Q: What are the highlights?

Our refreshed user interface makes it easier to see the state of your network at a glance. At the same time we have added a new dashboard and improved the network view, to simplify day-to-day management of your IT operations.  Now you can see all network and security issues in one intuitive dashboard, so you can easily see what needs your attention first. Additionally, the network view lets you quickly see which devices have items in quarantine, haven’t reported in, or have failing monitoring checks.

Furthermore, we’ve improved the way you add devices and services.  Now there is a faster, simpler way to download and install GFI Cloud from one place and add services, with multi-select.

To top things off, GFI Cloud now offers integration with TeamViewer® for remote support, enabling you to remotely connect to servers and workstations directly from your GFI Cloud console for quicker resolutions!

Q: Where can we check it out?

You can start a free 30-day trial of GFI Cloud today and see for yourself how easy it is to protect your IT network in minutes.

Want to learn more about this product? Visit our website to find out how easily you can manage your IT with antivirus, asset tracking, network server monitoring and remote control in one unified platform!


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