Ian Bugeja, Product Manager for GFI MailEssentials

Ian Bugeja, Product Manager for GFI MailEssentials

We are pleased to announce the release of GFI MailEssentials 2014, our flagship email security and anti-spam software which helps thousands of organizations worldwide to protect their email infrastructure. In this post we ask Ian Bugeja, product manager for GFI MailEssentials, on the latest updates in this release.

Q: What new features does GFI MailEssentials 2014 introduce?

With the latest version of GFI MailEssentials we have introduced some cool plugin technology as well as improvements to the overall feel and operation of the product, especially on user interaction.

We have introduced a new anti-spam plugin called IP Blocklist to block emails originating from malicious email servers. The product’s configuration is now web-based so customers can configure GFI MailEssentials from a web browser, including the list server and disclaimers. There are a few tweaks and fixes based on feedback from our customer base.

However, a new feature that we really think is cool is SpamTag, one of the new add-ons.

Q: Tell us more about SpamTag.

SpamTag is a Microsoft Outlook add-on which enables users to flag incorrect email as spam, or not spam, directly in Microsoft Outlook. It is also possible to add email addresses to the personal whitelist or personal blocklist. All actions that users can perform are turned on or off from the GFI MailEssentials’s main configuration by the admin, making SpamTag highly customizable. Admins, who are also power users, can add email to the global whitelist/blocklist.

With SpamTag enabled, GFI MailEssentials ‘trains’ its Bayesian engine to remember what actions it needs to take in the future. SpamTag has been designed to be easy to use and it supports installation on all Outlook clients starting from version 2003 onwards.

We have designed SpamTag so that it does not affect your Outlook day-to-day business and it works on all platforms and can also be used by on-the-go laptop users. In essence, SpamTag saves precious time managing spam because you can now flag email messages directly from within Outlook.

We’ve added a few useful add-ons to GFI MailEssentials 2014 and encourage our customers to upgrade to this release to have the highest level of protection for their email infrastructure.

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