SMB Infographic_thumb_blogSocial networking, like almost any other technology, can be used wisely or irresponsibly. Relationships developed through social sites can be beneficial to the business, but socializing can be taken too far and become detrimental to the company (and to the employee’s career).

And that’s only one facet of social networking’s impact on businesses today. Employees are using social media often, if not daily. And if they can’t do so using the company’s network, they’re using their smartphones or tablets (connected to corporate wireless, no less).

GFI Software’s research on this subject makes for compelling reading and the findings will be of interest to business owners and IT admins. The data provides an insight into how employees use social media at work and whether they will bend the rules if necessary (yes, they do), among other things.

We’ve taken some of the salient points and created this short animated video for you. Short and simple.

If, however, you are interested in more detailed findings, here are two informative posts that we had written: and We’ve included the link to the animated video as well, and a link to the full research brief.

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