Will your Firewire plug go the way of the old Centronics/IEEE 1284 parallel standards?

Possibly, if you believe the rumours. Since USB 2.0 came out, I suspect there’s not much use seen for IEEE 1394 anymore for mass consumer markets (note I said “mass consumer markets”).  If you’re curious as to how each perform, this fellow did some tests a while back.  

It’s a hugely popular standard in the video world, and apparently Firewire 800 won’t be phased out anytime soon.

From John Murrell:

Seems a mistake to me, but word around the campfire is that Apple is phasing out FireWire as its peripheral standard. The company has already removed FireWire from the iPod. Now comes word that it’s pulled it from its Intel-based iBooks as well.

More here.

Alex Eckelberry

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