We’re happy to announce another great GFI competition for this holiday season where you can win the following fantastic prizes! The rules are simple and everyone who participates has an equal chance to win, so give it a shot and spread the word! Let the festivities begin!

The Prizes

1st Prize – Asus Netbook

2nd Prize – Sony Camcorder

3rd Prize – Panasonic Lumix 10MP Camera

How to Enter

The competition is simple! We’ll be displaying a number of pictures as from December 1st that are assigned to different GFI Software products; a hard copy of one of the GFI Software logos has actually been sealed in an envelope – all you need to do is guess which one! Is it GFI MAX or GFI MailSecurity? Or could it be GFI MailEssentials? There are no clues, it’s all guess work.


The three winners will be chosen at random from the correct guesses on Wednesday 16th December. The winners will then be contacted by GFI.

Prize models/brands will be given according to availability. If model/brand mentioned above is unavailable we will give a similar model/brand.

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