As the first round of the FIFA World Cup 2010 comes to an end so does our fantastic GFI World Cup Competition. If you still haven’t submitted your vote you’ve got until the end of today (June 25) to do so, so better hurry!

With over 1,500 submissions it seems that everyone’s getting caught up in World Cup fever and hoping that their chosen team will get through to the next round.

The current standings for teams predicted to win the World Cup 2010 according to those of you who voted are:

  1. Brazil
  2. Argentina
  3. Spain

While Brazil and Argentina are definitely through to the last 16, Spain’s future is still hanging in the balance as they get ready to play their final match against Chile later today. However there are still plenty of games to be played and this World Cup has already coughed up many surprises so the final winner is anybody’s guess.

So as we gear up to witness the last four matches of the first round for World Cup 2010 remember that this is your final chance to vote and be in with the chance to win a GFI T-shirt, a laptop rucksack, or an iPad and GFI Software License. Check out the competition page to cast your vote and for details on the prizes and terms and conditions.

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