Windows 7 has, since its first demonstration, been shown to work pretty well on netbooks, but loading it onto a netbook is not as simple as we’d like it to be.

According to sources at CNET News, Microsoft are considering offering Windows 7 pre-loaded onto a USB thumb drive. The idea is to give netbook users an easier way of upgrading their operating system, especially on those machines that don’t come with a CD or DVD drive (which is probably most of them).

If this doesn’t happen, alternative ways of upgrading your netbook to Windows 7 might include buying a cheap external DVD drive or taking your netbook to a retailer who will install the operating system for you (will I ever do that? I think not). Of course, you could always download Windows 7 onto a USB thumb drive and install it yourself.

I’m sure that selling Windows 7 on a USB thumb drive would be a major hit, especially given at how fast the netbook market is growing, but as to whether Microsoft will actually do this or not – only time will tell.

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