shutterstock_120122080Today, Microsoft® announced that it is doubling the storage of Exchange Online and Office 365™ for their business customers by November. The storage will increase from 25GB to 50GB. WOOHOO! I hear you shout . . . but hang on there is more.

While this upgrade is surely a welcome uptick in value – as more email can be stored on the platform – let’s take a stab at understanding what the perils are in this approach for you. So effectively Microsoft is doubling the storage availability for you, while your users keep on using email more and more every day. It is just a matter of time before you hit the new ceiling as well. What will happen then?

As an IT or email administrator, you should be planning about implementing retention policies, spam filtering, cleanup operations and backup plans BEFORE you reach your hosting storage limit (be it 25GB or 50GB). If you hit the storage limit, you risk losing emails, thus limiting your search and historic tracking ability. You are also effectively throwing away beautiful gems of business intelligence stored in emails on your Office 365 account.

And these gems of information are so precious to your organization that you must do your utmost to protect them!

Just because your email is hosted outside your organization, the responsibility of what your users are sending to their contacts is still yours, together with all the legal liabilities that come with it. What tools does Office 365 give you to understand what is stored inside these 50GB per user of data?

With greater storage comes even greater management responsibility. IT and email administrators are the first port of call when such analysis is required by HR, company owners etc.

This is where tools such as MailInsights® reports within GFI MailArchiver® are a perfect companion to your email system, be it on Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps or other.

Check it out today.

Not only does GFI MailArchiver provide you with a backup of your email content (for those occasions where outage in service happens), but it also empowers you to make in-depth complex searches that give you insight on how your organization’s email is being used, or misused. Powered by MailInsights, as an email administrator you will be able to answer those pesky questions related to user behavior on email including:

  • Email with inappropriate material
  • Email that can lead to legal disputes
  • Email responsiveness of teams
  • Email sentiments (used to detect disgruntled users in the organizations enabling preventative actions)
  • After hours email usage
  • Job searching
  • …And more.

Learn more about MailArchiver and MailInsights here.

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